Adam Beckman

Adam has completed his Masters in Osteopathy at Victoria University and has been working at Healing Hands Osteopathy since 2009. He took over as director of the practice at the end of 2010.

He has a strong passion for being an osteopath and enjoys finding ways to make people’s lives easier and eliminate their pain. He has an easy-going nature and always puts his patients’ comfort and needs before anything else.

AdamĀ  is very interested in human movement and educating patients on postural awareness. Whilst implementing osteopathic principles to improve patient’s movement, he discovered the effectiveness of pilates in helping to achieve better results from treatment which lasted for longer. This interest snow-balled, and in June 2011 he introduced Clinical Pilates to Healing Hands Osteopathy.

When not at work, Adam enjoys cycling and running and generally keeping fit and active. He is currently learning karate and recently qualified for his red belt.

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