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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise which aims to improve posture, build strength and gain flexibility. By making you more aware of how you use your body it gives you greater insight into the subtle (or not so subtle!) ways you mistreat your body on a daily basis. By correcting these problems, it is often possible to alleviate pain and unlock a freedom of movement which you never thought possible.

Pilates involves moving your body through different positions whilst focusing on correct pelvis, neck and shoulder alignment, and maintaining proper breathing. These positions and movements are designed to challenge your strength, flexibility, coordination and stability.

We now have a fully equipped Clinical Pilates studio which allows us to personalise our classes better than ever. Whether you have never done a class before, or have been doing Pilates for years, we are set up to tailor a session to suit your needs

Clinical Pilates is done with a health care professional (Osteopath, Physiotherapist etc) who identifies areas you need to improve and designs a program specifically for your needs.

Who it is for?

Almost everyone would benefit from Pilates but especially people who have long term back, neck, shoulder, hip, or pelvic pain. Pilates works very well in conjunction with Osteopathic treatment so if you are coming for regular treatments, you will almost definitely reap the benefits from these classes.

Why choose us?

Our classes are 1 on 1 and tailored to your needs. This means you can be certain that you are getting all the personalized attention you need to get the improvement you want with an instructor you can trust.

Many gyms offer Pilates as a group exercise class with 15+ people at a time. It is impossible for 1 instructor to monitor the form and technique of that many people simultaneously. As a big component of Pilates is controlling and correcting the subtle mistakes you make, you are less likely to make as much progress in a bigger generic group session.

If you are looking for a program which compliments your Osteopathic treatment and focuses on alleviating your pain, we have the solution for you.

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