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Pre-Pointe Assessments At Healing Hands Osteopathy

Are you looking for a pre-pointe assessment near you?

Healing Hands Osteopathy offers a comprehensive pre-pointe assessment service for ballet students looking to take their training to the next level with pointe work safely and successfully.

What Is A Pre-Pointe Assessment?

Pointe work entails dancing on the tips of one’s toes, with the body’s weight supported by special pointe shoes. This requires a lot of strength, flexibility, and technique – and can be very taxing on the feet, ankles, and legs.

A pre-pointe assessment is a physical examination performed by our health professional to determine whether or not a ballet student is ready to begin pointe work. This ensures that a student is physically able to start this particular aspect of ballet training and can also help prevent injuries.

What Happens During A Pre-Pointe Assessment?

The pre-pointe assessment session begins with our practitioner reviewing the student’s dancing history, goals, training, growth development, and injury history. The student will then go through a series of tasks and exercises designed to evaluate the following:

• Strength and flexibility in the feet, ankles, and legs
• Alignment and posture
• Balance and coordination
• Technique in basic ballet movements

Based on the assessment results, your practitioner may recommend specific exercises or modifications to the student’s ballet training to help prepare them for pointe work. They may also advise the student on the proper fit and care of pointe shoes and how to avoid common injuries associated with pointe work.


How Long Do Appointments Last?

Generally, pre-pointe assessments can take 30 minutes to an hour or more. We find it essential to take the time needed to conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure the dancer’s safety and success in pointe work.

What Should I Bring And Wear?

Bring any relevant scans, reports, or correspondence from the GP or dance teacher to assist our practitioners in determining the student’s suitability for pointe work.

Dancers should wear comfortable clothing and their current dance shoes, similar to what they would wear to a dance class.

Where Can I Make An Appointment?

You can make an appointment with Healing Hands Osteopathy by either booking online or calling us a 03 9723 2233.

Adam Beckman at Osteopath Kilsyth

Our Practitioner

Our Osteopath Emily has been dancing for 27 years in the local area and has done pointe herself. She understands this is an exciting time in a dancers life and is excited to be a part of it


Adam Beckman at Osteopath Kilsyth

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