About Healing Hands Osteopathy Ferntree Gully

With 20 years of experience, Healing Hands Osteopathy aims to give the best possible osteopathic care in the Eastern Suburbs. Whether you are suffering from ongoing back, neck, shoulder or hip pain or have recently injured yourself, you can be certain that you will receive quick and effective pain relief with a personal touch.

Our new clinic, located at 12/1880 Ferntree Gully Rd, Ferntree Gully, is open to patients of all ages with a wide range of conditions, including back, neck, hip, shoulder, and joint pain as well as headaches or sporting injuries.

At Healing Hands Osteopathy, we are committed to finding not only the cause of your pain but also a long-term solution. We will not be satisfied with just reducing your pain; we want to be certain that your pain will not return. Call us to make an appointment and discuss how our osteos in Ferntree Gully can find a solution for you!

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Why Choose Us


We aim to be the best and most trusted clinic of osteopathic care in Ferntree Gully and the Eastern Suburbs

We are focused on bringing holistic and lasting healing to all our patients. We want each patient to not just experience relief of their specific pain but to have a fullness of wellbeing, movement and happiness

We educate and empower our patients to practise lifestyles that are physically and mentally healthy and optimal to prevent future pain and injury

Our osteos undertake a proven and structural approach to treatment, using a combination of effective techniques while adapting to suit a patient’s needs and preferences

Your comfort and satisfaction are our number one priority

Our Team

Jesse Butcher

Jesse Butcher


Jesse was exposed to the benefits of Osteopathy through his own injuries as a young athlete, which ultimately led him to pursue a career in Osteopathy with a focus on sport rehabilitation and exercise prescription/modification.

A graduate of RMIT University with a double bachelor’s degree in Health Science and Applied Science (Osteopathy), Jesse uses a structural approach to treatment and looks at the impact that exercise, supplementation, diet, posture, the workplace, and other lifestyle factors can have on his patient’s recovery and pain management.

Jesse has undertaken extensive training in dry needling and cupping, and often will use this as an adjunct to his treatments if required to help patients suffering headaches, migraines, muscle strains, joint sprains, and general muscle aches.

Nick Gubbels

Nick Gubbels


Nick found his way to osteopathy after suffering many injuries playing basketball and football in his youth. Having spent two years as the head athletic trainer for a Division 1 football club, he has a proven track record of providing speedy recoveries for muscular injuries with his rehabilitation knowledge.

As an osteopath, Nick believes in collaborating with his patients to tailor each treatment and management plan to their specific lifestyles and goals. He employs various osteopathic techniques to reduce muscle and joint stiffness and tenderness, such as soft tissue massage, spinal manipulation, and joint mobilisation.

Nick has a special interest in headache cases after years of suffering migraines in his youth, and he also has a passion for restoring normal foot motion and improving the load sharing capacity of the knee and lower back.

Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell


Matt has spent the last 2 years based in British Columbia, Canada. After working as a sports trainer and massage therapist, Matt realised that Osteopathy’s key principles matched his lifestyle and beliefs. Matt has worked comprehensively with people of all ages and backgrounds including a variety of sports teams, weekend warriors, Cross-fit fanatics, rock climbers, first time snowboarders, and elite skiers. Matt uses a broad range of techniques from HVLA, articulation, massage, muscle energy techniques, cranio-sacral therapy and exercise prescription. He particularly enjoys educating clients about the origins of their pain, giving them a better understanding of how to return to optimal function whilst improving daily life.

Matt has travelled around the world, working with the Australian Beach Handball team, various soccer teams, and with Kronum teams. More recently, he continued his passion for adventure sports, completing his Level 2 Snowboarding Instructor certification. With his experience of pushing himself to the limit, Matt understands the physical limitations of the body and the effects of pushing too far. We’re excited that Matt will be joining Healing Hands FTG in November 2022.

Michelle Brazier

Michelle Brazier


Michelle Brazier (Osteopath) graduated from Victoria University in 2011, completing a degree in Clinical Sciences and a Masters of Osteopathy. During her five years of study, she gained valuable experience working as an accredited sports trainer for a number of local AFL clubs.In addition, Michelle has completed postgraduate courses in dry needling (Manual Medicine Australasia) and kinesiology taping (Rocktape Australia) – both of which are great conjunctive therapies to Osteopathy.

She has a particular interest in the treatment of headaches, disc injuries and posture-related pain. Michelle is a passionate, committed and dedicated Osteopath who offers a caring and customized treatment approach for each individual patient. She loves working with clients from all walks of life – from office workers, trade workers and athletes, to children and retirees. She endeavors to get people back to what they love doing most – be that pottering around the home and garden, or returning to sport.

Emma Pattison

Emma Pattison

Massage Therapist

Emma specialises in remedial massage for sufferers of back, neck, shoulder and head ache pain. With ten years of experience working in Osteopathic Clinics, she have treated many conditions and complaints. Much of her current work revolves around restoring postural balance especially for clients who are performing repetitive activities during their day e.g. working on computers, mums nursing babies, construction work, hairdressing. She particularly enjoys treating backs, necks and shoulders to relieve headaches and improve mobility. In all treatments, she attempt to re balance tissue within the body to return the natural state of equilibrium. This global approach helps to ensure her treatments are beneficial every time.

She also work with athletes from various sports who have been injured, are managing chronic injuries, or include regular massage to help maintain peak physical condition. These treatments may include Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Dry Needling, Sports massage techniques as well as Muscle Energy Technique and passive stretching.

Our Osteopathic Treatments In Ferntree Gully


Our osteo treatments include but are not limited to:

Hip and Pelvic Pain

Shoulder Pain

Knee Pain

Headache and Migraine Relief